IX. International Symposium on History Education (ISHE 2023)

6-8 September 2023 - Sakarya / Türkiye

Letter of Invitation

Dear Researchers,

The IXth International Symposium on History Education (ISHE 2023) will take place in Sakarya on 6-8 September 2023, hosted by Sakarya University of Applied Sciences, Social and Cultural Studies Research Center (SAKUM).

In the symposium, scientific studies will be presented under the topics of history education, history of education, historiography and historiography.

We state that we will be very happy to see you, our esteemed academicians, researchers, teachers, pre-service teachers and students among us at our symposium, and we wish you success and convenience in your studies.

Abstracts submitted to the symposium will be accepted after peer-blind review.

Participation fee will not be charged for the papers to be submitted face to face or online from the foreign participants. A single paper can have a maximum of two authors.

On behalf of the ISHE 2023 Organizing Committee,
Among the papers sent as full text, those deemed appropriate will be directed to the international and indexed journals that support the symposium.

Invited Speakers


Special Sessions and Workshops


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